segunda-feira, novembro 26, 2007

Sente a comichão?

The attack, by a type of jellyfish known as a "mauve stinger", happened late last week off the coast of County Antrim, an area popular with tourists.
The mauve stinger, noted for its purplish night-time glow, is more commonly found in warmer Mediterranean waters.
Russell said the occurrence, when jellyfish "bloom" in such quantities, only happened every decade or so and last week's appearance off the Irish coast was also due to unusual environmental factors including higher-than-normal water temperatures.
Jellyfish Attack Wipes Out N.Ireland Salmon Farm

domingo, novembro 18, 2007

Indignidade em português

Você está neste filme.
Enquadramento mediático do filme.

quinta-feira, novembro 08, 2007

Why is there people writing books like this?

Really Good News, Really Good...

A total of 46 nations and 2.7 billion people are now at high risk of being overwhelmed by armed conflict and war because of climate change. A further 56 countries face political destabilisation, affecting another 1.2 billion individuals.

This stark warning will be outlined by the peace group International Alert in a report, A Climate of Conflict, this week.


Consider Peru, said Smith. Its fresh water comes mostly from glacier meltwater. But by 2015 nearly all Peru's glaciers will have been removed by global warming and its 27 million people will nearly all lack fresh water. If Peru took action now, it could offset the impending crisis, he added. But the country has little experience of effective democracy, suffers occasional outbreaks of insurgency, and has border disputes with Chile and Ecuador. The result is likely to be 'chaos, conflict and mass migration'.