quarta-feira, dezembro 19, 2007

Tolerância e solidariedade, ambas a cair

Pierre Levené, secretary general of Secours Catholique, the church agency which helps the homeless, said that at least 6,000 places were missing in halfway houses and many more in emergency shelters. "If you don't protest and just ask for things politely, no one listens. We are obliged to demonstrate our anger. There is such a thing as a healthy rage," said M. Levene.

Paris police tear down tents for homeless

segunda-feira, dezembro 17, 2007

Rescaldo de Bali

O "meu amigo" George Monbiot acaba de publicar um artigo acerca dos resultados da Conferência de Bali:
"We've been suckered again by the US. So far the Bali deal is worse than Kyoto"

In both cases, the US demanded terms that appeared impossible for the other nations to accept. Before Kyoto, the other negotiators flatly rejected Gore's proposals for emissions trading. So his team threatened to sink the talks. The other nations capitulated, but the US still held out on technicalities until the very last moment, when it suddenly appeared to concede. In 1997 and in 2007 it got the best of both worlds: it wrecked the treaty and was praised for saving it.