segunda-feira, maio 25, 2009

Visionar o futuro

Catastrophe is not the end. Unless you are a monster, the future we've inherited will break your heart. But broken hearts can be mended; life goes on, and when it does, a fierce beauty is sometimes born. The world, when all is said, is always remade by broken people who refuse hopelessness, who refuse to be overcome with sorrow, who refuse to pass on that which broke them.

As we come to grips with the awful fact that we are already committing ourselves to centuries of crisis, loss and burning, we can hew close to the knowledge that while disaster is our inheritance, transcendence can yet still be our legacy. We are all Caryatids now, and we can all dare to hope for the best.

Bruce Sterling's The Caryatids: A Review

Contabilizar a energia e a toxicidade

Some naysayers argue that solar panels don't make sense because it takes so much energy to make them--mining, smelting or refining, processing, etc. Do they really save fossil fuel energy and greenhouse gas emissions over the long run? The simple answer is yes. They save a whole lot. But then the question is: what kinds of solar panels are better than others?

Solar Carbon Payback

segunda-feira, maio 04, 2009

Medir o impacto na biosfera

Grande parte das acćões humanas andam à volta do par consumir - criar valor, ou seja, andam à volta do dinheiro. A humanidade vê-se agora confrontada com a necessidade de mudar de paradigma. A natureza tem que regressar ao centro da atenćão humana. Comecemos já a analisar as nossas acćões em termos do impacto que têm sobre a biosfera.